26 October 2010, My country indonesia Has have a trouble. In Mentawai there's have Tsunami and then in Sleman D.I.Y was have an earthquake, please give prayers for victim that are still missing, among them there are 4 red cross volunteer..
there so many ppl give us support for never give up and be patient like :

Barack Obama :
he said on twitter "#prayforindonesia be strong indonesia!

Justin Bieber He tweet :
"just found out about the earthquake in Indonesia. everyone please pray for the people there. "

Tom Cruise :
To keep track of events & help in Indonesia

Johnny Deep :
just found out about the earthquake.. everyone please pray for the people there.

Greyson Chance:
Just heard about the tsunami in Indonesia. You will all be in my prayers tonight..

I just want to say " We should care to indonesia, because this is our country! don't stop to it's mean a lot to us ! ",
Thanks to give us supporting...
Thanks for Give us motivation...

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