from: Harti Latifah

BTW: Justin Bieber was FOLLOWING ME on twitter i'm soo lucky :)

and then my third edited from adobe photoshop :) waht do u think, it's really" clear if i made this and no copied. because i don't like who's ppl copied my edited pic. that's really" SUCKS huh..
but if u want it u can take it :)

justin bieber have a great smile, i love when he SMILE, he's soo nice, he's have a brown eyes, great voice and everything ...
I LOVE HIM start from 05 September 2009
i wish i can meet hime once day..
aminn :)

this picture for contest i hope i'm the winner, if i win justin bieber will see my work and i will be happy if justin see my homework :)

How Can You Help Justin Bieber?

We love hearing that our favorite celebrities put their fame to good use. Especially when it’s someone like Justin Bieber! Would it surprise you to know that this cutie superstar isn’t just talented and good-looking, but also a really great guy? Of course you not! Justin recently teamed up with Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to opening schools in developing countries worldwide. A portion of every ticket sold on the second leg of Justin’s tour will be donated to help build 15 schools around the world! How awesome is that?!“Thank u to all those supporting the @pencilsofpromis movement….even the smallest things can make a difference. Proud to be a part of it. [sic],” tweeted Justin.

Are YOU going to see Justin’s tour soon? If so, you’re helping out a great cause!

What Would Justin Bieber Do with a Million Dollars?

Justin Bieber is very well on his way to making his first million with all his fame and success. So, what’s he going to do with it? “A million dollars. That’s a lot of money. If I ever do that I would probably buy a house for my mom. That would be great.” Aw, that’s so sweet! His mom is lucky to have such a sweet son.

What would you guys do if you had a million dollars?

What’s the CRAZIEST DARE Justin Bieber’s Ever Done?

Justin Bieber has done some pretty cool things in the past few years–he’s won multiple awards and is headlining his own tour! But what’s the CRAZIEST DARE he’s ever done? “I was dared to go on this show called ‘Silent Library’ on MTV…Basically you are in a library and have to be really quiet so you can laugh or talk. You have all these cards and you have to flip them over and either they’re good faces or bad faces. [The person that gets] a bad face has to do something crazy…

They got old Chinese food and put it all in a blender… and put it in this cup and I had to drink it… I puked everywhere,”said Justin. Ewwwww! Watch the video above to see the clip from the show where Justin had to drink that disgusting shake!

Have you ever done a crazy dare? Tell us about it!

Justin Says He’s a GREAT KISSER!

Would it surprise you to find out that behind Justin Bieber’s big brown eyes and sweet sounding voice is a great kisser? Apparently, he is! When Justin was on a radio show recently, he spilled to the host that he was a “great kisser!” That’s a pretty bold statement–but we totally believe it! He also confessed his favorite kissing spot to the host. While he hasn’t kissed a girl in his Range Rover just yet, he said: “If you’re driving, you make a little stop… you know, the Wal-Mart rest stop, you’re good.”

Do you guys believe it? Do you think Justin’s a good kisser?

PHEW! Justin Bieber is STILL Single!

Some of you have been wondering whether Justin Bieber and his ex girlfriend, Caitlin, have gotten back together! Justin laughed off the reports and tweeted, “I’m single and ready to mingle!! Haha!” So don’t worry, Bieber girls! He’s still on the market!

We’re curious–do you think Justin has time for a relationship or do you think he should stay single?

Do Girls Make Justin Bieber Nervous?

Justin seems like the most confident guy in the world–why shouldn’t he be? He’s one of the biggest teen hearthrobs out there! Would it surprise you to know, however, that girls still make Justin nervous? It’s true! Justin admitted to us that he still gets butterflies in his stomach when he sees a girl he really likes! How cute is that?! If you want to know how you can tell if you make Justin nervous or how Justin knows he’s crushing on you, be sure to pick up the next issue!