MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC is Justin's gift back to his fans for all their support and fea9 Acoustic Versions of Songs from "My World" and "My World 2.0" plus theBrand New Song "Pray"!

The Limited Edition CD + Vinyl Fan Pack also includes an
Exclusive, Collectible 10" Clear Vinyl Bonus Singlefeaturing "Pray" and "Never Say Never" with a Special Foldout Poster Sleeve!

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Justin Bieber recently announced via his Twitter page that he wanted to release an unplugged, acoustic album as a gift to his fans for the holidays.

Less than a week later, the album already has an official release date. The unplugged version of Bieber's second albumMy World 2.0 will be released on November 23, and will also include some brand new songs.

The list of Justin Bieber-related gifts available this holiday season just grew by two: the singer has announced he'll release both an acoustic album and a unisex fragrance the week of "black Friday."

Unplugged Acoustic, which arrives November 23rd, will feature acoustic renditions of tracks from My World and My World 2.0. "Taking it back to how we started," Bieber tweeted. It will also include a new song Bieber recorded recently in Hawaii, MTV reports.

Bieber's My World fragrance, which will come infused in wristbands (for girls) and dog tags (for the fellas), will come to Wal-Mart on the actual black Friday, November 26th, WWD writes.

Bieber edging into Kiss territory with his merchandising: There are also holiday plans for a nail polish line and Bieber dolls. Bieber's book First Step 2 Forever: My Story was released earlier this month, and already it ranks Number One on several Amazon book charts.


26 October 2010, My country indonesia Has have a trouble. In Mentawai there's have Tsunami and then in Sleman D.I.Y was have an earthquake, please give prayers for victim that are still missing, among them there are 4 red cross volunteer..
there so many ppl give us support for never give up and be patient like :

Barack Obama :
he said on twitter "#prayforindonesia be strong indonesia!

Justin Bieber He tweet :
"just found out about the earthquake in Indonesia. everyone please pray for the people there. "

Tom Cruise :
To keep track of events & help in Indonesia

Johnny Deep :
just found out about the earthquake.. everyone please pray for the people there.

Greyson Chance:
Just heard about the tsunami in Indonesia. You will all be in my prayers tonight..

I just want to say " We should care to indonesia, because this is our country! don't stop to it's mean a lot to us ! ",
Thanks to give us supporting...
Thanks for Give us motivation...

Shawty Mane - Justin Bieber

Speaking in tongues
yabba dabba dabba da da daVoala..Im killin this … caca
Call up Lady Gaga..on my..on my telephone
Hella girl metronome

My new chick..she a yellowbone
I buy her yellow stones..cause I like it when she got that yellow on
So Im a raptor..tearin it up like a tractor
Matter fact..I’m killin this’re a slacker
Sack like a sacker..hello Mr. Brady
Tell em leave his hair to the guy who sings “Baby”
Baby..come and try to save me
Lately..Ive been hearing these things that sound crazy

Like..Speaking in tongues
All right..alrite stop..drop and roll..Justin Bieber is on fire
Its time to realize its time to call me Young Sire
You’re the seller..Im the buyer
You’re the teller..and Im hired
Im higher than the highest point
Yes..I am flyer
And Im wired to the game..stay dry when it rains
Im tired of the fame..are you proud of the pain

Yes..were the same..yes..Im insane
And my mane hangs down..Im a strings
I murdered that..mayne..
Shawty Mane..Shawty Mane..what you doin..Shawty Mane?
Im Justin Bieber
You guys might know me as the guy you know who sings “Baby”
You know..uh..Im a singer..pop singer
Im white know..thats why i do this
Just to prove know
I got skills..on..on..on the reggae
What up JulKeyz? Yo..I killed that
All right..peace.